Application Rate Dialog - States

There are several states that the service can be in:

  • ApplicationRater.STATE_MONITORING : monitoring the system for conditions to display the rate dialog
  • ApplicationRater.STATE_LATER : the user clicked on the "remind me later" button and the system will wait until the conditions have been met
  • ApplicationRater.STATE_DECLINED : the user declined to rate the application by clicking on the "decline" button
  • ApplicationRater.STATE_RATED : the user has clicked on the "rate" button. Nothing more will be done and this will be taken as the completed state
  • ApplicationRater.STATE_PROMPT : has prompted the user to rate the application, ie that the rate dialog has been displayed. This state is transitional and only while the dialog is being shown to the user.

You can access the current state by calling, state :

var state:String = ApplicationRater.service.state;
string state = ApplicationRater.Instance.state;

The particular states control how the hasMetConditions function processes the conditions and triggers the dialog.

  • In the STATE_DECLINED and STATE_RATED states, hasMetConditions will always return false;
  • In the STATE_MONITORING state, hasMetConditions will return based on the current set conditions;
  • In the STATE_LATER state the hasMetConditions function will return after the set reminder period has passed.