2021.04.06 [v4.1.065]
Updated unity minimum requirements and proguard settings + updated docs
2020.08.22 [v4.1.058]
Android: Resolved crash in content provider shared pref (resolves #6)
2020.03.23 [v4.0.054]
Android X migration (resolves #3)
2020.02.24 [v3.0.047]
Updated examples
2020.02.24 [v3.0.047]
Corrected initialise event to correctly return on iOS
2020.01.31 [v3.0.046]
Added initialised event to correctly handle setup completion
2020.01.24 [v3.0.038]
Unity plugin build
2019.08.16 [v2.0.004]
Android 64bit support (resolves #2)
Updated minimum iOS version to 9.0
2019.03.28 [v1.2.041]
Updated minimum iOS version to 8.0 (resolves #1)
Embedded iOS bitcode
2018.07.27 [v1.1.038]
First release