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· 4 min read

APM, Dialog, ironSource

What an exciting month for AIR! Harman now has a feasible solution for publishing to AAB on Android and excitingly for us, we have released the first beta of the AIR Package Manager!

I am really excited to get this tool out to developers.

· 3 min read

Firebase, Facebook, Advertising, Game Services and more…

We are starting the year with a series of updates for some of our biggest extensions. With the privacy changes for IDFA in iOS 14 looming a lot of the advertising SDKs have been updated to get ready for this change. We have updates for AdMob and IronSource available to supposedly address these changes.

A lot of updates to start the year, so please let us know if there are any concerns about updating the extensions. We have migration guides available where the changes are significant so look for those in the documentation.