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· 4 min read

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Over the past few months, we have been diligently updating our extensions. We are currently undertaking major rewrites of some of our oldest extensions, which were initially developed over a decade ago. By rebuilding these extensions from the ground up, we aim to integrate the latest functionalities and advancements into AIR.

It has been truly exciting to witness Harman's development of the AIR SDK. We've been actively supporting their efforts by providing insights, identifying and debugging issues, and offering feedback to enhance the development process. The collaboration with Harman has been incredibly productive, and it's fantastic to see such responsiveness and dedication from their team. Their willingness to address our concerns and implement suggestions has significantly contributed to the progress and refinement of the AIR SDK.

We hope all AIR developers are excited by the continuing development of the platform!

As always, if you have any development needs for AIR, Unity, Flutter or Haxe, please feel free to contact us at