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Initialise the Extension

Core Extension

You must call Core.init(); once in your application to initialise the extension and correctly add application delegation handling.

Note you should always check whether the extension is supported before making calls. This allows you to react to whether the functionality is available on the device.

if (Facebook.isSupported)
// Functionality here

Initialise the Facebook Application

To initialise the Facebook SDK call the initialise() function. You must do this before attempting to use any of the functionality in the Facebook Platform SDKs.


If you plan to gather permission to track the user or other such consent you should do this before calling initialise().

Automatic initialisation


Previously you may have relied on the Facebook Platform SDKs automatically initialising on launch. Starting with v9 Facebook has removed this auto-initialisation feature.

If you currently rely on the Facebook Platform SDKs being automatically initialized for use, you will now need to explicitly initialize the SDK by making the appropriate calls.

To produce consistent results we suggest you ensure you have disabled automatic initialisation in your application by setting set the AutoInitEnabled flag to false in the application descriptor. These flags should be ignored however it appears Android may still auto initialise in some cases.

This is the default value used by apm, but you can change it through your project configuration.

apm project config set facebookAutoInitEnabled false

Once you have added this configuration run the steps to update / generate your application descriptor. This will apply to both iOS and Android.