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App Events

Facebook Analytics for Apps helps you understand how people are using your desktop and mobile websites, iOS and Android apps and even Bots for messenger. With well over 1.7B monthly users and growing, we built Analytics for Apps using the same tools, techniques and infrastructure to help you grow your business.

Whether you're focused on retention, engagement, or conversion, Analytics for Apps has the tools you need, including funnels, cohorts, segmentation, breakdown tables, automated push campaigns and more. We also provide deep demographic information and audience insights to help you understand your audience, and more accurately segment to analyze behavior. Think of it as your one-stop growth shop:

  • It's completely free to use no matter how many users your apps have or events you send.
  • Your app doesn't need to use Facebook Login or any other Facebook service.
  • Your data is visible in minutes, not days.

Add events to your app to view analytics, measure ad performance and build audiences for ad targeting

Adding App Events to your app or website helps you learn more about your audience and the actions people take across platforms in Facebook Analytics for Apps. In Analytics for Apps, you can get powerful, aggregated demographics and rich insights about people's behaviors, such as how many people launch your app or visit your website, how often people make purchases, and many other events, including any custom events that you define.

App Events can also be used to measure your mobile app install ads performance, build Custom Audiences for ad targeting and optimize your mobile app engagement ads.

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Best Practices

Learn best practices for implementing App Events, depending on your particular type of business. See examples for apps in e-commerce, retail, gaming and travel.

Best Practices


Learn the most common questions developers have related to integrating App Events and using Facebook Analytics for Apps.


Analytics for Apps

Enabling App Events means that you can automatically start using Facebook Analytics for Apps. This analytics channel provides demographic info about the people using your app, offers tools for better understanding the flows people follow in your app, and lets you compare cohorts of different kids of people performing the same actions.

See the documentation for Facebook Analytics for Apps for more information.